We live in a predominantly visual world. Television, the Internet and hand held devices offer an endless array of entertainment, ADT Home Security, information and even education. The effects are clear. Children have an increasingly shorter attention span, and have a hard time absorbing information. Most significantly, they don’t need to use their imaginations as much. This is where listening comes in. Rather than letting your kids watch a video when you are on a road trip, how about getting a book on tape for them? The number of books available in an audio format is phenomenal. From traditional tales from all over the world to full length teen targeted novels, you can pick something everyone would enjoy. Folk tales are particularly appropriate to this media since they were always meant to be shared verbally. Let your children imagine sitting at the village fireplace in the evening, listening to the local storyteller as you drive along. Listening doesn’t only have to be entertaining, it can be educational too. History really comes alive when you hear stories about world shaping events. Vocabulary improves rapidly, because you get to hear new words in context. Stories are a great way to learn about new cultures. The next time you and your children are heading out for a trip, stock up on audio-books and enjoy some time listening to the same stories. Even your teen-ager will have something to talk about at the next rest stop.

We live in an age of instant entertainment from our televisions, game consoles, tablets, computers and cell phones. People who love the written word often bemoan that children are missing out on reading for pleasure. Frequently, kids seem to go from happily listening to mom or dad read aloud at bedtime to boredom with the written word. It does not have to be that way. With just a little creativity, a parent or teacher can reignite the love of stories and poetry for kids.Easy Listening Audio Tapes for Kids

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